Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good intentions..ahem!

So... the summer slump in sales means I am supposed to spend June, July and August, building up a stock of work to hit the markets with come September. It is NOT supposed to be a time to abandon all good work ethics and play games. Not only have I re-succumbed to playing Magic: The Gathering online again... tempted back by my wicked son... nope.. not only that... I have now been tempted into playing Fallen Sword online by my equally wicked daughter. Sigh. Have to say though, it is a fabulous game and perfectly possible to have a thoroughly absorbing game without paying a penny. Free really does mean free here. Of course you can spend money on it but I haven't so far and I really don't feel I need to. If you are at all into role playing games then I can highly recommend it. Click on the button and go join the fun.


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