Sunday, April 15, 2007

Friday 13th eeek!

Pure coincidence maybe? Or perhaps a virus slipped past my scanner and lurked in my drive just waiting for the dreaded day... In any event I switched my computer on, on Friday morning and whammm.... the hateful blue screen with messages of registry failure. It's taken me nearly two days to get some life back into my computer and that only because I have had to reinstall the OS into a new partition... just don't ask... I have no idea how I did that. I seem to have the knack of solving computer mishaps by sheer luck. Nevertheless, all is not well. I have managed to retrieve my files but all my programs have disappeared and I am reluctant to reinstall anything which requires rebooting the system. So... raiding my emergency piggy-bank, I have ordered a new computer. It's not going to be here until the 25th so until then, my computer stays powered up, just to be sure.
Fortunately I can still upload pictures.. just as well, given that my livlihood relys on it! And of course I am spending more time painting now that the computer is less fun to play with! Here is yesterday's output from the studio



Blogger Sara said...

I love this photo! The vibrant colors of your artwork look fabulous with the neutral colors of the rest of the photo. What a beautiful dog. Hope the chair wasn't a treasured item!
Good luck with your computer woes.

2:03 pm  

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