Thursday, April 05, 2007

An arty day

Dutifully ignoring the housework and piles of stuff that needs doing, I decided to devote all my energies to art today. Seems like a long time since I last did that. I've been working on 7 different paintings so far and in between times I've made a few of my stitched collages in aceo size. Slightly tricky sewing in such a small space but they came out OK.

It's been the first day, this year, that I've been able to throw open all the windows and the door from my studio to the garden. All that gorgeous sunshine, it's really quite hot in there. Luverly. I adore this time of year. Too early for hoards of flies to come and stick themselves to my drying paintings and yet sufficiently summer-like to inspire the soul.


Blogger Artis-Anne said...

Found your blog via Sarah (All Fingers and Thumbs ) and see you live on my doorstep; I live in Llan Ffestiniog :)
Loved your idea of storing your stash, I really must do something about mine as its taking over !!

5:45 pm  

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