Friday, November 17, 2006

Big Rock - the place to stay in Porthmadog

If any of you are ever visiting Snowdonia in Wales then I can highly recommend staying at the Big Rock Cafe in Porthmadog. Wonderful food, friendly atmosphere and best of all, my art is on the walls! Chuckle. They are still working on their web-site so I can't give you a link just yet but as soon as it is up I'll post it.

I can barely move in my house at the moment. My art supplier was having a sale so I ordered about four months supply of canvases. That's about 500 canvases in total. (Did I mention I was prolific??) Mind you, quite a few of them are smallish and are used for triptyches. I have a new load of circular canvases to play with. Here is my first circular three piece.

Power Down


Blogger Jessica Torrant said...

These are wonderful paintings, Amanda. Indeed, you are one of the most prolific artists I know! Best of luck to you this holiday season - hope you sell tons! I know you will. Cheers! Jessica

5:14 pm  
Blogger Amanda said...

Thanks Jessica, I hope so too... cash is in painfully short supply as always! I really must try not to be the 'starving artist' quite so literally!

8:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW these are amazing!

4:20 am  
Anonymous Helen said...

Hello Amanda, we visited a coffee shop in Dolgellau today and I spotted your "funky hat" pattern, so armed with your web addy I took a look. I just wanted to say what amazing artwork you do. My daughter is starting a degree in art in September I will pray that she has your inspiration in her future career. Good luck for the summer, I think it may be a good one in Wales, loadsa tourists - just have that feeling. All the best - Helen

10:19 pm  

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