Saturday, March 04, 2006

March UK ACEO Theme Week

Just finished my entry for this month's ACEO theme week which starts tomorrow. The theme is Mother and Child.
This is called On The Beach
Only realized as I started painting that Rotring ink is not waterproof which is really irritating. I had assumed it would be but didn't check. Managed to avoid smudges this time but in future I'll have to ink after paint.. ah well.. the Rotring pen is a joy to use though. Love it to bits.


Blogger *DeB* said...

I've made the rotring mistake too! Why do they fail us so? Does mean the ink washes out of the oh-so-expensive nibs though.
Pilot pigment drawing pens, these are waterproof.

Anyhoo, great stuff and much better than my attempt which is about plankton.

9:09 am  
Blogger katat0nik (JaneKL) said...

Nice work Amanda, it looks like a beautiful day on the beach :) I'm glad the painting didn't get ruined. Good luck with theme week :)

11:32 pm  

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