Friday, February 17, 2006

Working with texture

Still holding firm with not smoking and it seems to be making me more productive. I think it's because I am constantly tring to distract myself. I did three paintings concentrating on texture which I'm listing tonight and tomorrow. The first one is one of the 36" square canvases with the 10" hole in the middle. They are interesting to work with but I shan't get any more after my stock has gone.. mainly because they take hours to package up for posting.
Anyway, this is Penumbra

and Watershed - 20" x 20"

and finally my favourite - Calgary - 20" x 20"


Blogger Mab - Art and Design said...

Amanda - I adore these three paintings. The colours are luminous and the texture is fantastic. I will say 'I love them' again.. cos I do!

9:31 pm  

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