Monday, February 13, 2006

Meet Horace

It's cold and wet again this morning. I need a break in the rain so I can get outside and take photos of my work in readiness for listing on ebay. Here is the link to my shop there. I have to list two paintings tonight and I really don't want to have to resort to taking pics indoors. The flash really washes the colour out and glares off the surface too. Anyway, I have four paintings finished so it was a productive week-end.
I also managed to get a fair bit more knitting done. I'm supposed to be working on the design of my second bear but I got somewhat distracted by a new jumper design I found in one of the Colinette pattern books. It knits very quickly though so I'll get back to bear number two in due course. My first design... Horace bear is doing really well. Fantastic response to my first dutch auction for the pattern and still hoping that Colinette might pick it up too. I even sold one pattern from the Bears United web-site which is damn good going seeing as I only started it last week. Here's a pic of Horace.


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