Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Not famous just yet

It seems I went in too high with Colinette and they came back to me in outrage.. ah well. It would have helped if they had been prepared to give me a ball-park figure in the first place. Anyway, I have lowered my fee but I don't think they will come back to me again. Not to worry. I have BIGGER plans.. chuckle.
Have been out today so no painting but here are the two I finished yesterday.

Shelf Life (20" x 48")

and Double Time (20" x 20")

It's my second day of not smoking today. Yesterday was pretty hard going but I did manage to go... ooo a good twenty seconds or so without thinking about a cigarette today! It's hateful but I shall keep trying my best. I did a respiratory test at the doc's this morning. It is designed to test lung capacity and to my astonishment my results were extremely good. I have excellent lungs! How that can be after nearly thirty years of smoking I have no idea. Nevertheless, I am very pleased to know it.


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