Thursday, November 16, 2006

To New York and back

Winter is setting in again but strangely enough when I visited New York a couple of weeks ago, it was surprisingly balmy. Not quite t-shirt and shorts weather but definitely not as cold as I was expecting.
Central Park

It's always a pleasure to visit the Big Apple and I stayed with Diane Casey and her husband Jason again. Such good fun. We sure know how to make one another laugh! I took my son Toby with me as a treat for his 19th birthday and as he has pretty much spent his entire life in a small Welsh village, it was amusing to watch his reaction to the bustle of the city. He loved it.
I got the opportunity to see some of Diane's recent art. She really is a stunningly good artist. And desperately undiscovered I could cry. Her work wouldn't look out of place in MoMA and yet she remains in the depths of obscurity like me. S'not fair. Here is a link to her Ebay listings. See for yourself.
I'm just about recovered from the jet-lag of the return journey. For some reason it really hit me hard this time and my sleep pattern is still a bit off. No worries. I can paint any time of day or night so it doesn't really matter.
I've been working on some circular canvases recently. Here are a few of my latest.

Enigma Variations

Rock Steady


Blogger Jessica Torrant said...

I see what you mean about Dianne's work, quite an amazing talent.

It has been eerily warm here in the northeast this year... Everyone is thinking about global warming as we walk around in t-shirts when we are used to winter coats and boots at this point in the season. I'm sure winter will hit here soon with a bang and we won't know what hit us! So glad you had a good time in NYC!

5:18 pm  

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