Saturday, April 21, 2007

Swirly things

Now this one I'm really pleased with. Another circular canvas and this one is swirly and bright... not for the faint hearted. I was sorely tempted to title it Walnut Whip in honour of one of my favourite and much missed childhood chocolate treats... whatever happened to them? Do they still exist? I certainly haven't seen one for years. In the end I decided on "Jacuzzi" which makes me really quite tempted to find one, fill it up with a load of different colour paint and turn it on... just to see what happens.


Blogger giggles said...

Dear Amanda

I have been meaning to tell you for ages that I absolutely adore your art. I found you through EBSQ art of the day and you are by far my favorite to date. I am a color freak and must have it around me at all times. Your art is an amazing inspiration! Oh...and your last name is my favorite word, I'm an avid scrabble player!
Just thought I’d finally let you know!

Take care
Peace Giggles

8:22 pm  

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