Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How to mow the lawn

It's not every day that you wake up to find a horse in the neighbour's garden! I guess it's one way to keep the grass short. She's a very pretty little thing... yes I do mean little. Barely bigger than Pickle. I'm quite tempted to entice her into my garden... it could do with a bit of a chew as I haven't bothered mowing it yet this year.

Computer problems are still abounding but I have managed to get some semblance of normality for the moment. It's amazing how unsettling it is to not have your computer doing all those little things you took for granted.. and worst of all I've lost my running total on Spider Solitaire!!!! Rats... I'll have to start again now.
Studio output continues to be high and I am more than a little encouraged by another sale at Big Rock. One of my circular pieces this time. It amazes me that someone can pop in there for a cup of coffee and come out having purchased a painting. Honestly Big Rock is doing better for me than any gallery... and they make the best coffee for miles and miles.
Latest painting is another triptych and is titled Custody Battle.



you know Amanda that is interesting what you say about sales at the coffee shop..... in fact i had a friend with a coffee shop in Australia and i had more sales or leads that turned into sales from there than i did in any gallery too.....

so the secret ingredient in sales of art is coffee ha ha! it seems that way to me......

loved looking through your blog and its so nice to see your productivity is good......

best wishes

2:42 pm  

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