Friday, June 01, 2007

Head down... back to work

Well despite my best intentions of a busy week painting, I was thwarted on several levels. Firstly by a serious bout of gastro-something-or-other which knocked me for six last Sunday and had me writhing around the bathroom floor fading in and out of consciousness and making me believe that my time had come. 'Don't fret' said Steve, my beloved one, 'Think how much your paintings will be worth when you are gone!' Yes, thanks for that. Very comforting.

And then having spent most of Monday asleep, the next three days were spent with a good friend of mine who came up this way to visit. It's strange but when you live in a place, you never seem to visit any of the attractions that the locality offers. Having a friend to show around galvanized me into actually visiting two of those attractions that I have been meaning to see for years. The first was a trip on the Ffestiniog Light Railway which is a beautiful stretch of narrow guage track between Porthmadog and Blaenau Ffestiong. Ah the joys and nostalgia of steam.

The second trip was to the Centre for Alternative Technology just outside Machynlleth. Fascinating place and it renewed my interest in straw bale buildings... just need to find a suitable patch of land. Lots of chickens and geese running around and so many working exhibits.. it was thrilling.
So today was a case of head down and paint, paint, paint. Not a hardship though... I always love it.


Blogger Angela said...

Don't worry about it. Sometimes the best of intentions just don't work out. Anyone who looks at your work know's that you'll paint when you can. :)Thanks for sharing! Wonderful post!

3:47 pm  

How cool i just FOUND YOU! ha ha i have a lot of reading to do here! Straw Bale building is so fun... i have helped hands on when i lived in Australia still.......i have always imagined a strawbale studio with curved walls and round windows... very organic feeling....... alas i know too well the building code restrictions here......yet they are fantastic buildings inside....

8:20 pm  
Anonymous J.D. King said...

Nice pics

4:42 pm  

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