Friday, May 14, 2010

Bring on the tooth fairy!

Well they really did have to go. Two teeth at the back which together have caused me no end of trouble for about 5 years now. Their time was definitely up and now they are gone, leaving behind a wretched and bloody hole that seems to be inspiring my tongue to do all sorts of acrobatics in probing the wound. I am sure I shall rejoice in their departure in due course but right now I am steeped in throbbing pain and reduced to puree-ing everything. Ho hum.

Meanwhile I am intent on finishing a piece of work for an art contest on EBSQ this month. The theme is quite simply 'Green' . I am struck by how noisy sewing can be. Perhaps I shouldn't but I always sew at absolute top speed and as a result my machine sounds like a lawn mower with pretentions towards becoming a jet engine. I seem to sew a little like the way I drive, hard and fast and breaking only at the last moment. Hah. What fun it would be if it had gears I could change... double de-clutch on the corners and zig zag stitch to the end.

So, until my 'Green' piece is finished, here is a pic of a box I made a few weeks ago. Pretty much all recycled as the inner card is from various cereal boxes and the material is just scraps left over from other projects. It's for sale in my Textile Art Shop if anyone is interested.


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