Thursday, October 14, 2010

Delivered... phew!

There is a critical mass for paintings. Once they achieve a certain dimension they stop thinking of themselves as canvases and take on all the characteristics of a kite. I tried walking down the town today to deliver June's painting and one small gust of wind nearly had me flying at altitude! Fortunately I managed to procure a lift for most of the journey otherwise painting and I might have achieved orbit.
Anyway, the moment of truth. The unveiling of the painting for June's first glimpse. Always a nerve-wracking moment but all was well. The 4.45 Train to Barmouth was a hit.
I foresee a series of landscape focal point paintings to follow. Hah.

So here you are, a photo of the painting in situ and a merry June besides.


Blogger Fat Chick Design said...

I just spotted your blog via Groovy Pumkins blog.
What an amazing painting!
Are you on UK Handmade?
We have a group called Shropshire and the Welsh borders, we'd love you to join us.
We are arranging a meeting in November in Oswestry if you were interested?

10:16 am  
Anonymous Amanda Hone said...

Thanks Bonnie.

1:14 pm  

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