Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Flurry of inspiration

Goodness me yes... I have been wielding the brush with great fervour over the last week or so and I'm really quite definitely in the zone at the moment. Strange how it goes that way sometimes and then in due course it drops off again and I am back to having to dig deep to find my muse. So, I've been working hard to take advantage while the emotion is there. Here is a sample of nine recent works.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good intentions..ahem!

So... the summer slump in sales means I am supposed to spend June, July and August, building up a stock of work to hit the markets with come September. It is NOT supposed to be a time to abandon all good work ethics and play games. Not only have I re-succumbed to playing Magic: The Gathering online again... tempted back by my wicked son... nope.. not only that... I have now been tempted into playing Fallen Sword online by my equally wicked daughter. Sigh. Have to say though, it is a fabulous game and perfectly possible to have a thoroughly absorbing game without paying a penny. Free really does mean free here. Of course you can spend money on it but I haven't so far and I really don't feel I need to. If you are at all into role playing games then I can highly recommend it. Click on the button and go join the fun.