Monday, March 28, 2011

Robots, gotta love robots

Yes! Finally Spring has sprung. The sun is bright, the weather warm and I am filled with enthusiasm for the painting ahead. Also I have moved my studio to a much brighter and inspirational space. Took me some considerable time to move everything as I have ridiculous amounts of arty and crafty stuff but it is done. I created a synth of the room for fun. See it here - Studio Riot. Well worth a look as panoramic synths are so clever. It really allows you to feel like you are actually in the rooom!
So with that done I have been painting like mad. I finished a rather fun piece last week. This is called 'Production Line' and is making me think that perhaps a series of robot paintings might follow.

Also I was commissioned by pals of mine to do a painting of their house. It's finished and will be delivered in a couple of days so I will post a photo of that once they have seen it.