Saturday, September 23, 2006

Playing with collage

A new direction for me. All those magazines that have been piling up are finally being put to use. I've been experimenting with collage. Mainly because I discovered the Etsy web-site and wanted to put some work for sale there that was a little more affordable to send worldwide than my box canvases. The collage's I've done are really light which is perfect. Here are the first three.




Monday, September 18, 2006

Cross Stitch and Knitting

Got a bit side-tracked over the summer months but now that autumn is here and the Ebay season is hotting up again, I'm back to work and back to blogging. I've spent the last few months trying to diversify away from solely surviving on art.. and it would seem to be not a moment too soon. The prices that my paintings are going for on Ebay at the moment are staggeringly depressing. I know that everyone loves to get a bargain but it breaks my heart to sell so low. Makes me feel that my work must be totally rubbish that people aren't prepared to at least pay the cost of the canvas. Jeez! Anyway, I've been designing cross stitch kits based on my paintings and thus far they have proven to be very popular. Here is my favourite one called Chameleon.

My Horace pattern has also been selling steadily and my Funky Hat pattern is keeping up with it too. The more strings to my bow the better!