Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Stoned Henge?

A very busy few weeks with lots of friends visiting and good stuff going on, plus the not so good stuff of being laid low with acute abdo pain coupled with a particularly strident cold... all in all not a great deal of output from the studio. Nevertheless, I did find some time to indulge in a bit of Stonehenge love (60 x 75cm). Given all the psychedelia, perhaps it should be 'Stoned Henge'.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Deep In Deeping

Very exciting day yesterday. Dropped off two paintings (Harlech Castle and Portmeirion) at the Royal Academy in London to be considered for the Summer Exhibition. Suprisingly nerve-wracking given that all I was doing was leaving the canvases at the tradesmen's entrance. Hah. It was very amusing to note that everyone there was unwrapping their work with great care so that no-one else could see their art. I think we pretty much all felt nervous and unworthy and perhaps a bit ashamed at our arrogance to even consider that we might be good enough. Is this a malaise of all artists I wonder. Probably so. On the way home I delivered the commissioned painting for Joe and Katie and thankfully they are pleased with the result. They wanted a painting of their new house but also wanted it to include the elements of their surroundings that are dear to them. The huge old willow tree opposite, the swans in the river, the bridge at one end and the wier at the other and of course the pub.

Deep in Deeping - 46" x 30" acrylic on canvas

Joe got the drill out straightaway and hung the painting. A real treat for me to actually see my work in it's final home. So a good day and now I have to wait 8 agonizing weeks wondering if perhaps, perhaps, perhaps I might be lucky enough to hang my art on the hallowed walls of the Royal Academy.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Robots, gotta love robots

Yes! Finally Spring has sprung. The sun is bright, the weather warm and I am filled with enthusiasm for the painting ahead. Also I have moved my studio to a much brighter and inspirational space. Took me some considerable time to move everything as I have ridiculous amounts of arty and crafty stuff but it is done. I created a synth of the room for fun. See it here - Studio Riot. Well worth a look as panoramic synths are so clever. It really allows you to feel like you are actually in the rooom!
So with that done I have been painting like mad. I finished a rather fun piece last week. This is called 'Production Line' and is making me think that perhaps a series of robot paintings might follow.

Also I was commissioned by pals of mine to do a painting of their house. It's finished and will be delivered in a couple of days so I will post a photo of that once they have seen it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Between Siberian spells

Obviously not a great deal of production from the studio at the moment. It's barely warm enough to get out of bed, let alone stand around shivering trying to paint unwavering black lines. Nevertheless, there have been a couple of days a little less chilly so I have galloped into action and painted as fast as I can. Two new paintings to add. The latest is Stanlow Oil Refinery.. yes I know.. strange subject but I couldn't resist all those pipes and ironworks, plus I drive by it often enough to feel a strange sort of empathy with the place. And before that I did Llynon Mill. The only working windmill in Wales, situated on Anglesey. Both peices 24" x 24".

Also I have plucked up the courage to enter a couple of paintings into this year's summer exhibition at the Royal Academy. Rather nervous of that but it's about time I had faith in my work.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Can it get much colder?

Two more paintings in my For The Love Of Wales series done. Not sure if I will be able to do much more for a while, my studio is so cold I can only bear to be in there for tiny periods of time. I truly do hate this time of year... please, please, please let central heating magically appear in my house!
Portmeirion - 48" x 36"

St. John's, Barmouth - 48" x 36"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

And further afield

Well, it's such a fabulous building.. had to be done.
Sydney Opera House on 24" square canvas.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Don't talk to me about battlements!

And following closly behind Harlech Castle we have Caernarfon Castle and moments later The Clock Tower, Machynlleth. The battlements on Caernarfon were a complete nightmare to paint. Hours spent bent double with a tiny brush making sure that every corner was perfect, every line was straight.. phew... Hence the reason why I went for the clock tower in Machynlleth next, couldn't face another castle. Hah.